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romantic bastard
Tired....I feel so overwhelmed right now. It's because of the fact that people are ....you know the freedom of speech does not exist. At least I come from where it is non existent. So I am indeed used to not sharing thoughts with closed ones or relatives. It's part of life. As immune as I am to be alienated, I do feel I may be a highly sensitive person. Things I read, things I observe even on İnternet....it overwhelms me a lot that I cannot stop thinking about my disgust and disbelief in humans. It is sad perhaps condescending...and I do try not to be judgemental but I ask myself why not many people try to less judgement too and at the same time try to understand others' points and their ideas... If we are to live together....
So if I need to give details... I am someone who somewhat see myself as a feminist. But no I don't hate men. I don't want men to be wiped out. I don't think all men are same or all men are this or that...but surprisingly I see comments about myself who have never saw me. Never talked to me . But they know a lot about me it seems!!
I am a vegan too so automatically I become an angry short haired crazy weak unhealthy passive aggressive woman.... This hurts me.
Yeah sadly I do generalize too and it is something I shouldn't do I know. I try to lessen it but it is hard sometimes when everything are categories.... But for god's sake I wouldn't be bold enough to write such gruesome things for people whom I'm biased against.... I don't know where all that hate comes from.
They talk about how vegans are aggressive and stuff like that in reality whoever I happened to tell that to mocked me for not eating meat , eggs etc... Having an opinion is really hard in this world. And....I wanna end with Cioran. I am an accident, why take so seriously?.. yeah perhaps it is the solution. .
I don't understand it either and I find it infuriating at times. I think best thing is to spend time away from social media or places where you see those things. It's hard when you're stuck in the habit of looking, but gradually spend less time for the sake of your mental health. I don't think its healthy for us to be exposed to so many peoples opinions and stuff everyday, its not natural. if the internet didnt exist, especially social media, we'd rarely ever have access to the crap hundreds of people think. I dont know whats wrong with people, there is a lot of hate going around and ignorance/arrogance/pretentiousness/complacency.... too many assholes around, or people who think they can say what they want cause it's just online

Lady Wolfshead

"Peace comes from within" - The Buddha
You definitely have to remember that a lot of people on the Internet are just trolling and saying things to get other people riled up. There is nothing wrong with being a feminist and the hate they get only proves the anger some men have. There is nothing wrong with being vegan and I think the hate they get proves that we all subconsciously know how our food is produced and feel guilty for it (not many people would deliberately be cruel to another living being).

That said, I wouldn't advise sharing certain beliefs with random strangers on the Internet. It has taken me a heck of a long time to learn this myself though. :-b


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Good examples of why I say I don't care as much for people, but individuals regardless of whatever differences we may have I think are quite fine. Generalizations, not for me. Take everybody as the person they are towards you and others.

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