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I've been researching a bit about these pills - <Mod Edit: Abacus21-method>- but can't find the information i was looking for.

Does anyone know if a large dose can be fatal? If so, which dosage?

I've read that <Mod Edit: Abacus21-method> is commonly fatal, but they assume it's the normal dosage.

Anyone knows something more bout this? Or some website that has more specific information?

... and please don't post if you don't got an objective answer. The pshychological issues of suicide will stay for another thread.
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This is a pro-life forum, we don't and won't, give out methods here.

No-one will give it out here, so please don't ask for it. :)
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You wanna tell us what's been happening for you to feel so low? We won't give you methods as Abacus says but we are here to support you and offer you friendship, if you'd like it.
Welcome to the forum. Please no methods, thanks. :wink: Anyway, I hope you stick around, I'd like to get to know ya. Can't ever have too many friends, I say. :) :hug:
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