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    Ok, i had been on flexeril 3 months prior to this occuring, and was currently on vicodin for the past 3 months. I took these pills over a some 20 hour period, i will begin.

    7:00 Pm - Monday night.
    I took <Mod Edit: Abacus21-methods> with a glass of water at once. Within 45 minutes, i was completly out of it. most of what i remember from all of this is from people.

    9:00 Pm - ended up at some random party, no clue how i got there, however i took a cab home, and was in before 4 am.
    I have no memory between getting at the house, and getting home.

    Next day --

    7:00 am. I had no clue what happened last night at this point, and didnt realise i was still extremely drunk like from the flexeril, had no clue what i was doing, and took <Mod Edit: Abacus21-methods>. This is right before school.

    9:30 am - first period class, i realise i fucked up. I was much much more tired than usual, i could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep multiple times in class at computer lab.

    11:00 am - i get to my second class, and just goto my desk and passed out. Teacher woke me up and told me my gf was outside crying. I guess i actually fell asleep for about 5 minutes, and nobody could wake me up. She told me my heartbeat was extremely slow, and appearantly i could not stand up straight. Teacher told me to goto nurse, so i said sure. Gf walked me down stairs to nurse, supposedly i fell into her arms 4 or 5 times.

    Basically physically i felt tired, couldnt make eye contact with people, couldnt talk normal , very slurrish. My heart beat was extremely slow, probably very close to comatose.

    Nurse wasnt there, secratary was filling in. I told her my new medicine was just interacting badly. She said to lay down. I fell asleep, and now what i didnt know is while i was asleep, 5 people were in the room trying to wake me. They called my parents, asked if i would od, my mom said of course not, she had no clue. The school told my parents they didnt want me to die on there watch.

    I finally wake up at 12:30 and goto lunch outdoor education.

    12:30 PM . Get to class, i remember sitting in a circle, people saying my name and laughing, and asking what was wrong. I guess i kept falling asleep sitting up while i was talking and stuff. Then we had to pitch a tent, i guess i passed out a few times during that.

    1:30 - i have no memory of what happened during lunch, i know i slept through 4th period until 2:35. I dont remember how i got home.

    2:45 - i was so messed up, i had NO MEMORY of taking more pills, but counting them proved i did, and somone saw me take em i guess. I took <Mod Edit: Abacus21-methods>

    3-6:00 i have no memory.

    6-7 my dad picks up my gf, and we are to goto my brothers award shit for school, i guess everyone knew i was drugged out, kept falling asleep standing up during speech.

    no memory of 7:30 - 9

    10:00 my dad takes gf home.

    11:00 i fall asleep, dont remember anything from next day, and i took nothing then.

    a few days later, parents found out i was addicted to the meds i was perscribed, took them away. Since then i've only done vicodin once, and it was just recenely at ozzfest. That's another story i will tell somtime, it was a much better ending tho. It was <Mod Edit: Abacus21-methods> Amazing.
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    This doesn't sound like "methods" at all.

    Why don't you just remove this whole forum, instead of editing out the names of drugs?
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