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    I am so fucking sick of everything. I thought I knew what depression was. Not now. I havent been able to eat or sleep or think or even walk around properly. All happiness (that remained) in my body has been sucked outta me. I am never satisfied. I am so lonely. I walk around aimlessly looking into the air like some kind of lost child. I break down and start crying. I play with guns. I take too many pills. I stupidly hurt my arm by accident, then I cut my fore arm. This wa stupid because I'm not suppose to cut there! now I have to be extra careful to hide my marks. I'm such an idiot. Everyone hates me. there is something about me, that people just despise and make me suffer. My dreams are about people who I love or nightmares, either way they make me more depressed. I truely believe I am cursed. I literally have nothing. And now things are worse. People are being vindictive towards me, for reasons I am unaware of. It's like a war against me I am totally unaware of. I'm always having issues with SF. They don't listen to me. This time is important, yet they don't care. I asked nicely, now fucking do it! They only care about themselves. Fuck them. I now understand why so many people OD as their method of suicide. It's so easy! I'm so sad. And I don't know what to do.:sad:
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    You can always pm me if you want hun, I'll listen
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    there's no point blaming people on SF, it won't help you. Be honest with yourself for a minute. Do you want help? People on here are willing to support but you might have to think about changing the tone of your posts, because to be honest some of your posts have made me feel a little uncomfortable. I don't want to start an argument or anything but if you really want to be helped I think you need to stop talking negatively about other people.
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  5. Blackness

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    Whoa man, relax. I wasnt having a go at the general population of SF, the ppl here are great.
    It is an issue between me and the mods that is all. Dont tell me to tone down, it is called freedom of speech, you have have an issue with one my my posts you can PM me about it if it is that important to you.
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    Extra big huggles!!!!!! :arms:
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    Even though you think I'm an idiot, for thinking that people shouldn't eat meat, I'm very sorry you're feeling so bad. I feel the same, basically... check my post entitled "Hate," if you want. Yes, what shall I do, myself... I can't offer you any advice. All that is "positive" that I can say is that you're still young, at least... the years are slipping away, from me... I'm going to be 27, soon... how horrible. I can't get old, so I don't have many years left. I'm already too old, really...
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    I'm sorry if I called you an idiot, I honestly cant recall that. idc if you are a vegetarian but to say everyone should be (im presuming thats what ur on about) then that is a little silly. Eat what ever you want I say...
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    You didn't mean me, specifically, just people like me, in general. Yeah, I do in fact think that meat shouldn't be eaten, although the intellect of the organism, intended to be consumed, is of great significance, although it's not the only factor. Another is that I strongly would want humans to stand above such primitivistic behaviour, and leave it to animals of lesser intellect. Of course, this isn't exactly the main problem with humanity...

    Anyway, didn't intend to start a debate; just wanted to clarify how it really was. Hope you're feeling better today, by the way...