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  1. northface35

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    As I lay before my black laptop typing this, I can't help but contemplate whether my current state is relatively temporary, or not. So far, I comprehend the existence of life to be extremely superficial and lucky, meaning that life is whatever number you get on the next roll. Life is inequitable, and impossible to comprehend. I myself had a difficult life, with two identities conflicting upon me. And to conclude, I became inevitably neglected and isolated from the scene of jubilance.
    I can't study; I can't socialize; I can't discover the answers. I'm indolent; I'm a failure, a loser.

    Sleep well.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    What if you asked yourself what you CAN accomplish, and started a list like this? Yes, life is very temporary, and nothing is assured, but often times, we are how we perceive ourselves...J
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