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    You lost your head
    I couldn't come
    This lust to my brain al,most feels like a gun

    Dont want to turn the music off, it feels like the only real thing. The volume has to be high, though.

    I must abuse myself
    I'm againnst all that I have made up

    Not sleeping for one night, doesnt sound like a big deal, nay?
    Hmf, for moost of the day I've felt like I'm dreaming everything. It's so so unreal kind of. Bleh.

    I'm a worm with no more chances
    and I've lost all doubt in a chemical romance

    In school today, lesson, teacher wasnt in the classroom; I closed my eyes for more than a minute, and I wasnt sure where I was suddenly. I thought I was at home. or something like that.
    I listened to all the voices and noises and it was like they came from somewhere else. if that makes ssense. which it doesnt.-

    Burn the sun
    Burn the light
    Take take take take take take it away
    Take my hand
    Take my life
    Take take take take take take it away


    I'm too dumb to continue at the mokent. moment

    I hope ill get over it during the weekend. I'm sure i will.

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    and all of my teeth hurt for some mysterious reason
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    Sounds like you're under alot of stress, what is driving these feelings?