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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by DarnTired, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. DarnTired

    DarnTired Antiquitie's Friend

    I love Doctor Who, although I am a new convert to the series. When I was a child and the series was playing in the 70's, I never tuned in because I felt that I would never be able to understand it. I knew it was a long-running show and I thought it would be futile to try and understand it as I was coming in in the middle.

    When the series started again in 2005, I decided to give it a try. Plus I now had the interent to tell me everything I needed to know about Doctor Who. I love it now! And I've renting older episodes and watching them (and have seen a few on youtube). It will take a long time to watch everything that's out there, but I have seen at least one episode of every Doctor there ever was. I adore the new episodes. They're exciting, funny, suspenseful, scary and touching (I've cried during a few of them). It's wonderful to have a program that affects you like this one does me.

    So, I want to hear from Doctor Who fans. Who's your favorite Doctor? Who's your favorite companion? What's your favorite episode? Tell me!
  2. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    my fav dr who was tom baker from my childhood but with the new ones i have to say the latest one is great, more humour now.

    k9 has to be the best companion if you can call him that.

    if i remember right there was an episode about 30 years ago where an alien would cover its victims in a gel stuff, that was scary to a kid lol, crap fx but i didnt know better
  3. smackh2o

    smackh2o SF Supporter

    David tennant in the madame pompadour episode, with the clockwork ships crew.
    The woman who played madame pompadour is his girlfriend in real life as well!

    Love the Tom bakers equally though as well. Too many to like.
  4. Malcontent

    Malcontent Staff Alumni

    I never watched Doctor Who when I was a kid. It was going through it's crap years of the late 80s/early 90s. But I'm totally hooked on the new ones (and Torchwood), so for me the best doctor is David Tennant (though I love Tom Baker as well) and the best companion would be Billie Piper, just for her amazinly unexpected acting ability! I think Catherine Tate is very good in this new series too, adds some well-needed comedy to the mostly pretty dark story lines. I loved the Christmas episode with Kylie in it too
  5. DarnTired

    DarnTired Antiquitie's Friend

    There's been a recent report that David Tennant has started to date Georgina Moffet, who played Jenny, his daughter, in "The Doctor's Daughter". Plus she is the daughter of Peter Davison, The Fifth Doctor.

    It's like a soap opera... "...As The TARDIS Turns..."
  6. Anju

    Anju Well-Known Member

    I never really liked doctor who untill David Tennant came on and I was like whoooooa hottie :tongue: then I watched and realised hey, this is a pretty awesome show. Hell, I may even continue watching after David leaves ^^

    *has lifesize poster of DT on her wall* so not a fangirl :rolleyes:
  7. smackh2o

    smackh2o SF Supporter

  8. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member

    Only just caught the tail end of the 7th Doctor's run but that was enough to get me interested in it. From there it was watching a fair few repeats on UK Gold of the third and forth, up until Davidson came long really.

    With Tennant hopefully sticking around and Steven Moffat taking over the direction of the show, the next season should turn out much better than the previous ones.
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