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To all those with suicidal thoughts

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by Flashlight Antics, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Flashlight Antics

    Flashlight Antics New Member

    To all those with suicidal thoughts.

    Hi. My name is…well, that’s not really important. What is important is the story I have to tell, the message I have to send.

    Over the past year I’ve heard a lot about people taking their own lives. What prompts my message to you, though, is the recent suicide of a person I knew. Well, that’s not quite accurate. I knew OF them. The person wasn’t famous, exactly, but among certain circles they were well known. I was part of one of those circles and thus I am affected by their tragic loss. Out of respect for that person, and those who knew them, I will refrain from referring to them by name.

    It’s hard to comfort those who lose someone to suicide. It’s hard for them to understand why someone would choose to leave the world in such a way. For me…for us…it’s a little easier.

    About ten years ago I was going through a severe bout of depression. No one knew, because I hid it well. I hid how I felt. I hid how I hurt. I hid the fact that I<mod edit- methods> I wrestled with myself about it, fearing the end but wanting it so badly.

    I’ve never talked about this with anyone. Short of my fiancé and a select few close friends, no one even knows about it. I talk to you now about it because maybe my experience, my pain, can bring you some level of peace or comfort. I had the frame of mind enough to think about my actions before <mod edit- methods>.

    Depression, loss, mental illness, the pain of being bullied…none of these things are easy to overcome. I know because I’ve done it. But anything worth doing in life isn’t going to be easy. I overcame depression…I fought through a four year battle and am a better person for it. Life has so much more color, so much more meaning, when you’ve seen it from the bottom. I live every day of my life…even the days that are lazy and unproductive…thankful that I put down <edit>

    Life is painful. Many smart and powerful men have said this. But pain lets us know we’re alive! Life brings us so much pain all on its own. It throws us curveballs that seem impossible to hit. But it never gives us a pitch out of the strike zone…it never gives us something we are incapable of handling, of overcoming. Humans are strong…YOU are strong! I don’t even know you and I believe in you! Because if I can overcome suicidal thoughts than so can you.

    A cut can be stitched up, a broken bone can be bound, a bruise will heal…and life will go on. Even a broken heart, as painful as it is to bear, will mend itself in time. Life is worth living, because it gets better. I would never wish anyone to do what I did, to contemplate suicide under any circumstance. But those who have been to the brink, stood on the edge of life and nothingness…they can attest, as I am now, that being able to willingly step away from that choice empowers you.

    The world is your oyster. Savor every pain it brings you, because for each painful event there are at least two moments of euphoria, two moments of happiness beyond what you can imagine. Those moments may seem so distant, so unobtainable from where you stand, but you have the strength within you to claw your way to them. To earn them. To own them and love them and enjoy life like there is no tomorrow, because for you…like me…there was a moment in your mind that tomorrow wasn’t going to come.

    Never take tomorrow away from yourself. You deserve to know what it brings, to make what it brings. Like me, you deserve to see tomorrow with your own eyes. And know you don’t have to do it alone. If you have no one else but me, but my words, you have something! You have tomorrow.
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  2. Pricilla

    Pricilla New Member

    That was the first posting Ive read on this site and I felt encouraged and uplifted by it. It is true. I find when I isolate too much or other not so good choices 4 me that is when I get in the trouble zone. Thanks for sharing.:)
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