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To anyone who cares...

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Im alive.. but my child is lost... I got beat up by some ass hole and he killed my child. I got surgery yesterday and in six weeks my hand will work. I'm not happy right now. Im sad, but Im not going to go out looking for attention like I always do and say Im going to kill myself. What does it matter to you guys if I die. The only thing I can really say is that I'm okay, I'll be okay and I can figure this shit out, I'll do what I need to and that'll be that.
Okay enough of that shit. Im not doing too good, I'm really sad, but Im not angry anymore. I just feel empty... I feel lost and alone. Im usually angry but lately i've just been an empty shell. I dont care about anything. nothing seems worth getting mad over anymore... mostly I just sit around and do fuck all. I cant cry, I can't get mad... I just sit there and stare off into space, thinking. I havent been like this for a long time but its starting to come back again. I dont talk to anyone, and I get anxiety when I have to talk to ppl... I keep dreaming about death and ways to kill myself. I think all day long about a good way to die...
Im sorry what a waist of space...
I just wanted to get it out and say im here NOW.

jane doe

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i´m dorry for your loss, really, i don´t know what to tell you but i think you should try to cry and let it all out, hit some pillow and stay safe hun, you need to concentrate in other stuff, i know it´s hard but if you are alive there must be a reasin for that. hun take care, and stay safe:)


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I'm sorry for what happened to you Metallica, theres no real comforting thing I can say, but I'm here for you and if you ever need to talk about absolutly anything I'd be happy to oblidge.

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