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To awb4130578

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by S.C.U.M, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. S.C.U.M

    S.C.U.M Guest

    Hi, you sent me a PM, well, two PMs, but I don't sign in anymore so even though I can read it, I can't/won't reply. I'm not going to reply here because clearly you want it private (unless you have either been rather random and sent me a copy of a thread, or have PMed other people saying the same thing).

    If you are going to randomly PM other people in the future, I suggest that you check when you last signed in, because I haven't signed in for 6 months.

    Keep fighting and I hope you get some support somewhere.
  2. S.C.U.M

    S.C.U.M Guest

    *I found a mistake. check when THEY last signed in. (sorry, I'm a fool for not reading it through properly)
  3. S.C.U.M

    S.C.U.M Guest

    Nevermind, I just found the thread with the exact same post. Maybe it would be worth just posting it on a thread as opposed to PMing the same thing to people too. But at least I know you will hopefully get some support now I can see you have made a thread of it too.
  4. S.C.U.M

    S.C.U.M Guest

    Bump because he's online and so I know he will see it.
  5. non-member

    non-member Guest

    As this message means you've been on here, I'd like to take this opportunity to say some things.

    I don't know if you remember me, I highly doubt it, but I'm Ishy (or Ishtar as I was known as before). We've spoken a few times in chat, and I think I tried messaging you sometime after you'd left the site.
    I still think it's a shame you left SF, and it was a great loss to the site and its members. However if you felt that was best for you at that point, then of course that's what you should do. Just know that if you ever need support there's still room for it here (or if you're not comfortable with this place, there are other places too). I would offer you to PM me if you ever want to talk, but seeing as though you don't sign in anymore, and I can't sign in anymore, that's kind of pointless.
    Feel free to email/MSN me anytime though at Ishy87[a]gmail.com

    You deserve support as much as anyone else, and if you decide not to look for support here and don't feel comfortable contacting anyone from here for support, then I do hope you find the support you deserve somewhere, because you definitely DO deserve it.

Thread Status:
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