To Be A Creature Of Light? Or of Darkness?

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  1. confuzzle

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    Tonight, I asked a question to myself and a friend, (who suggested that it be posted here).

    What do you find yourself more akin to?

    A creature of darkness searching for the light?
    Or a creature of light who is plagued by darkness?

    If I had to choose, I would be of the former category. I lie, I steal, among other things, and more often than not, its ingrained to the point where it doesn't bother me as much. Sure it's not good, but it's what my nature dictates. I can be cold, cruel, and I am capable of intense hatred, self-loathing, and other such nasty things. I don't rejoice or boast of this, more often I just see it as a result of what I've seen in my life. I'm on the outside looking in, and there will never be a door, window, or opening to let me inside.

    Yet that doesn't stop me from loving others or caring about them. I strive (not obsess) about being a better person. Loving better, caring better, improving myself. Yet I feel there will always be a taint there, a lingering that I won't be able to shrug off. But as long as I have the caliber of friends and loved ones that I currently do, I think I'll survive, one way or another.

    So where do you stand?
  2. Bambi

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    I would have to say I am a creature of light plagued by darkness.
    I say this because I can still recall a time when I was happy and was full of "light" myself. It seems like so long ago but I do recall it in my mind if not my heart and frankly it is the hope of finding that yet again and having that light in my life that keeps me going.
    I also feel that I am a creature of light because of my heart. My mind may be screwed up and I may do many things I would rather not because of inner pain but in my heart of hearts I want to do good and be good so therefore I say I am am light plagued by darkness.

    This post reminds me of a quote..."We are spiritual beings on a human path" and I embrace that thought wholeheartedly. And I know you Confuzzle and think of you as nothing but darkness just light and you have certainly been a light in my life this you!