To Be Loved Again...

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  1. Aren’t we ever children,
    realizing it in some moments more than others.
    How our fragility becomes poignant and clear
    so as to feel we are standing at the edge
    as the depths draw us towards it.
    Aren’t we our own worst judges,
    harshest upon ourselves in our weakest state.
    Naked before the universe and life,
    open and vulnerable,
    with no place to hide
    but for a plea escaping our parched lips.
    For refuge, for innocence returned,
    to be held in arms of solace, peace,
    assured that things will be alright.
    For the calm after the storm,
    for rest after the many battles.
    For strength to return.
    For the phoenix punished
    for flying too close to the sun,
    regaining its former glory,
    albeit humbled.
    Breaking out of the shell of doubt and darkness.
    To have life accept us so that we may accept ourselves.
    To pass through twilight quickly,
    and finally,
    and move towards the dawn.
    To be loved again…

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  3. Thanks Least - so true and faithful. After a harrying move/downsize I still don't know if I'm coming or going, and I'm also in the midst of setting up a new computer to boot! (I'm at the public library right now online - OH I miss the Net!) Technology has me by the short n' curlies these days (I only ever have ONE nerve left) and your note made me smile. Thank you for that

    P.S This one was actually inspired by 'Beloved's" poem so thank you to her as well....
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