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Ideas & Opinions To disappear!

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There is a programme on tv called "disappeared" that highlights a missing persons story.
Unfortunately some individuals were murdered but others just vanished and years later have still not been found.
The programme seemed to inspire me to do the same. I am not talking as a long term option but just for a few weeks maybe.
I could just get up and go, planning each day as it came.
I know that running away does not solve problems as you take yourself with you but maybe it will give the mind a change of scenery and a different focus.
This may sound rational but when I have said that I need Time and space before, it has followed by police intervention to prevent my suicide. I am not saying this is my intent but it can also not ruled out.
I feel like I would like to fall off the edge of the world and not talk to anyone IRL..
I have been classified as a high risk missing person before but professionals knew I was in a crisis and had to call the police as a duty of care.
If I just dissappeard without a word and became uncontactable, would I be reported as a high risk person again given my recent past history?.
I have a few commitments in the next week but am really thinking I want to do this but would like some opinions.
Thankyou xx


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getting away may be a good idea just to get away from it all. but at least pick one person that knows most people that would worry about you and tell them every night where you are and your condition. if you are safe say you are at point a tonight and you're going to point b tomorrow. but if you end up in crises call this person first then a crises line or emergency #. it doesn't hurt to take a break but be safe and tell someone. and yes they would consider you a high risk missing person...mike....*hug*shake


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As an adult you're allowed to walk away from your life for as little or as long as you like. Is it fair or any of that crap? Debatable.
But it's not illegal. When the cops come knocking (or ringing, whatever) answer them, tell them you're safe and do not wish to be found. They should honour that.

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