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    My loneliness
    Was an unquenchable thirst,
    And cup after cup
    You brought your friendship to me.

    These parched lips,
    Could not crack a smile,
    And barely opened,
    As you poured in your joy.

    I was lost to the world.
    Trapped in a barren wasteland,
    Scarred by the blades of pain.
    But you brought me back,

    At first
    I could not open my eyes.
    The rays of sunshine
    Were too blinding.

    But I heard your voice,
    And I could not deny,
    The tenderness,
    In your words.

    So I opened them,
    My God you were beautiful,
    I thought I had died,
    And gone to heaven.

    But then you touched me,
    And the electricity of your hands,
    Made me realize,
    I was very much alive.

    You saved me,
    And a million “Thank yous”
    Could never express,
    The love I have for you in my heart.

    But I will say those “thank yous”,
    And a million more
    Till you feel it in your soul,
    Just how much I appreciate you.
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    Beautiful words
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