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To Help and be Helped

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Hello. I'm not too great at introductions, so I'll try to keep it short.

I've never really posted on these kinds of sites, but I've always been lurking around. They helped save my life many times. After years of depression and anxiety, as well as three institutionalizations, I'm finally on my way to recovery. Now that I feel less helpless, I want to give back what everyone on the internet has given to me.

I frequent reddit, specifically /depression, /stopselfharm, and /suicidewatch, so you might be able to find me there, although under a different username.

I'm not expecting to have an easy journey; I've relapsed several times before. Still, I want to take this moment of clarity, however temporary, to try to improve things in my life and in others'.

Anyways, thanks for listening. Whoever's reading this, I'm glad you're here.


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Welcome to the forums pkboo.. Take your time and get to know some of the folks here..I'm sure you will make friends easy enough..
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