To hurt, we fall

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    I need something real
    and for somebody to understand
    the things that I go through
    and the problems that I have.
    I'm not as not simple
    as I make others believe
    I'm really just another person
    going through the phases of life
    not comprehending much of anything
    besides the fact that in the end
    we will all perish
    and our names will
    eventually be forgotten.
    To hurt, we fall
    and to fall, we love.
    In me,
    what do you see?
    I've felt these feelings -
    all from you
    but I just smile...
    and pretend everything is just fine.
    When I hurt on the inside,
    fall down when I'm not thinking
    and love when I shouldn't
    when I can't.
    But I continue to put myself
    through all this
    because it's not that easy
    to really let go.
    There's nothing right about
    saying goodbye
    to something that you're not
    meant to lose.
    To something you're to hold onto
    until there is nothing left.
    To hurt, we fall
    and to fall -
    this love that isn't meant to die
    leaves me
    then you
    until we are both left with nothing?
    Perhaps not.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.