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hay there man, hows life? still thinking ahead rather than where you stand.
are you ever going to just sit back and relax? why do you continue to think of things that arent happening?. you do it so much and then when they do you dont do anything about it. i see you got yourself a job, a girl, a future yet you keep convinceing yourself a storm is comeing. WHY CANT YOU JUST BE FUCKING HAPPY!!!! it seems everytime life is alright you become worse than when life was bad. ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL!!. maybe you like it, maybe you love being upset and have everything fall on top of you. you dream of this beautiful girl for years and when she finaly takes to you and feels what you've been feeling for so long you start to read things that arent there that could destroy it. you plan on running far away if things go wrong when things are going great. CUT THE SHIT YOU STUPID, WEAK, NO GOOD FUCKING MENTAL CASE!!!!!
from yourself.


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I think change comes from finding compassion for one's self, and maybe you are none of the things you have called yourself...when things go well, we get as anxious, if not more so, than when they do not...when things are not going well, we know the situation, so we are less anxious in that way...but in considerably more pain, if that makes any sense...I think with an understanding of how we react, we do not feel as obligated to listen to the negative voices
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