To My ex-boyfriend

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You have caused me so much grief and misery over the last three years. You continuously harass me, you even pretend to be some girl from Ontario just so you can post more mean things to me! I didn't accept you as a friend when you pretended to be that girl, since I knew it was you, it was obvious because you had the same interests listed and the exact same way you say things when you're "you" online. You do this on a site where anyone can post anything to anyone; unfortunately you can't make it so only friends can post to you or view your profile, and even though I blocked your "known" accounts you just go make another one and post more harassing things to me! Thanks to you, I got rid of that account but got a new one under a different username that you hopefully won't find, I had to lie about where I live and everything thanks to you because of your obsession with me! That's all I can think to call it, an obsession, since no person would get on the way you have been getting on for THREE GOD DAMN FUCKING YEARS harassing me like you do. And I don't do ANYTHING to you, I asked you when you decided to stop being friends with me(which you did in a cowardly way by posting mean things about me from an account you made on Wikipedia that only you knew about, and if you told someone else and they posted it then it's still your fault since I only told you about those things, such as my fear of needles, and since you were my "boyfriend" I trusted you!)and you denied it, but since then you have continued a harassment campaign against me and haven't stopped, no matter what was done, I tried ignoring it, you name it, I tried it! I try to ignore you, and I'm sorry we're on SOME of the same websites, but I didn't join those websites for you, I joined those websites because I have friends on there and I like the websites, I didn't join to stalk you or whatever, which is what you are doing to me! Grow up asshole, I hate you for all that you did! Too bad the cops won't do anything because you're not "threatening" me, yet you're harassing me, and I would go get a peace order but guess what? I'm afraid to try to get one given one particular website (which is Wikipedia) where you CONSTANTLY harassed me and had administrators on the website that kept taking your side, even though I would try my best to make an account under a different name and edit articles on TV shows that I liked that you didn't like, yet you would still somehow find my username, and I would get blocked for sockpuppetry, even though you are supposedly allowed to make a new account on Wikipedia per Cleanstart, which I read about, and no matter how many god damn fucking times I argued that point, the administrators would tell me to shut the fuck up and keep taking your side, even though I never once said ONE mean thing to you, yet you were giving out my phone number on there and such, but because you had a friend who was an administrator on there, they kept taking your side because of your advantage! Yet you would make numerous accounts on that website to harass me with, but they would never ONCE do a sockpuppetry investigation to see if those accounts were linked to your main one, because to them, you were "perfect." Thanks to you, I will never use that website anymore, but the other website you are continuing to harass me on that you made a post on last night I will NOT be quitting, since I have friends on there who don't know you but know me from university, and I'm on the wbesite for them, not you! I dreamed one night that I threw you against the wall in a bookstore after I came in first and was trading in some bookmarks and then you came in saying "Oh no she comes here too? Can't I go anywhere without her being there?" I then grabbed you by the throat and threw you against the wall and had you pinned to the wall with one hand, and with my other hand I slapped you across the face while screaming "JUST BECAUSE I JOIN A WBESITE OR GO INTO A PLACE THAT YOU ALSO HAPPEN TO BE IN DOESN'T MEAN IT HAS ANYTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH YOU!" and I slapped you after each word too. I'm not violent by nature, but if I could, I would do that to you since maybe then you would get the message, but I won't, since I would be charged with assault, I'm not that kind of person, and you probably wouldn't get the message still anyway.

I hope you rot in hell for all the crap you did to me, since you have given me soooo much hell that's where you belong! You deserve to go through the same amount of grief and pain that you put me through you sick asshole! I even have to change the way I say stuff because of you, I don't use abbreviations or anything, but now I am hoping that will help me throw you off my trail! You make me sick you asshole, and I hate you because of that! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I REALLY FUCKING hate you! I never thought I would have an ex-friend so much until I met you, since NO OTHER ex-friend has done all the shit that you have done, such as giving out my phone number online, posting my picture that I used as my Facebook profile picture and I had you blocked on that too but you obviusly have an account under a different name that I don't know about, so now I got a picture of my cat up thanks to you! You're a sick bastard that needs help! You are obsessed with me to be getting on with all the crap you have been getting on with! Get a life you sick bastard and grow up, you're twenty-three years old but you don't act like it, you act like a thirteen year old! I know fifteen year olds who act more mature than you asshole, and maybe this is immature for me to be posting all of this but i felt it needed to be said. Anyway, I will never, EVER trust anyone as much as I trusted you ever again since you taught me one thing: not to trust anyone the way I trusted you since they could turn into you: a two-faced, lying, paranoid, self-centered bastard. And by the way, the songs "Mean" by Taylor Swift and "The Devil Comes Disguised As Friend" by Hydrovibe describe you PERFECTLY. Why not look them up on Youtube sometime?
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