To my ex-fiance...

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by lorelaiharlow, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. lorelaiharlow

    lorelaiharlow New Member

    I wrote this.

    I dont really know,
    What to do anymore,
    I've lost the only love,
    That was worth fighting for.

    & I wish I could relive it all,
    Even though I know the end,
    For some of my best days,
    Are where the tragedy begins.

    You reminded me to believe,
    That it's okay to dream,
    And that you really were,
    Everything that you seemed.

    Through the hell I put you in,
    You never backed down,
    Proving that you were different,
    That you'd always stick around.

    I thought you were heaven sent,
    Perhaps too good to be true,
    But when I thought of fairytales,
    Prince Charming seemed to be you.

    From there...I fell in love,
    For the first time in my life,
    A mistake that would lead,
    To endless haunted nights.

    You painted a perfect picture
    Deep within my mind,
    Manipulating the emotions,
    Love & lies intertwined.

    Wonderful liar; you taught me to trust,
    I believed everything you said,
    Like promising to love me forever,
    ...Up until you left me for dead.

    Thanks for all the broken,
    Promises, dreams & plans,
    You crushed me in ways,
    That you'll never understand.

    It's the sort of pain,
    That eats away at my soul,
    Gaps torn;emotions drenched
    Im more empty than whole.

    Do you feel guilty at all,
    For fucking up my life?
    Do you have no conscience,
    How do you sleep at night?

    You hurt the one person
    That was truely by your side,
    When everyone abandoned you,
    I was down for the ride.

    I would have given anything,
    To take your troubles away,
    I'd take my life to save you,
    On any given day.

    Because that's just how much,
    I was in love with you,
    Regardless of everything,
    You ever put me through.

    This doesn't matter anymore,
    Guess it's really over,
    Rest in peace my heart,
    On the 17th of October.

    & It's hard to stay strong,
    Even harder not to cry,
    When I know I might,
    Never again see your eyes.

    I don't want to lose,
    The rembrance of your face,
    Nor ever forget,
    What time has erased.

    I'm struggling to let go,
    It hurts me so damn bad,
    For I can't keep the love,
    That I never really had.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Sad but beautiful poem!

    Thanks for sharing :)
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