To my friends...

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  1. itmahanh

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    I am so sorry for deserting you all lately. I have made a promise to myself that for the time that is left I'm here to help you. I left and tried to help myself. But I failed miserably. And I found out just how all alone I can really be. I dont want that for any of you. Please forgive my selfishness and know that I do and always will care about each and everyone of you.
  2. Petal

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    Carla, you have never been selfish.
    You are hurting right now, we all understand that :hug:
    You haven't failed either, you're here now, that proves you're still willing to fight :)
  3. Stranger1

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    Hey Carla,
    You haven't disappointed me at all. I know sometimes you need personal space and thats what I figured you were doing..You know you can always talk to me..Remember my hand is there for you to grab ahold of..Love You Sis...