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    Sean, you're my ex-boyfriend and we broke up in May 2009. You claim that I'm stalking you online, yet you go and stalk me and get every single new username I create in order to GET AWAY FROM YOU. I DON'T JOIN SITES FOR YOU, LIKE I SAID BEFORE, THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU, JUST BECAUSE I JOIN A SITE DOESN'T MEAN IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU, AND IT DOESN'T, SO GET THAT INTO THAT TINY LITTLE BRAIN OF YOURS YOU ASSHOLE. You continue to harass me, you post my phone number, street address, real name, etc. on Wikipedia edit summaries and thankfully they got removed, but the administrators originally took your side on that site because you had a friend on there that was an administrator, and we like some of the same TV Shows, and if I edited an article on a TV show that you liked and you edited the article, then you would claim I was stalking you and they would take your side because your friend was an administrator so you had an "advantage." It is only now that the administrators on Wikipedia are seeing that you have a fault in this too, they didn't even see it when I made a new account and never edited ANY of the articles that you edited, NOT ONE, yet you would get my new username since I would edit articles on TV shows that I liked that you didn't like but you would still go on there and get my new username, yet they still took your side somehow, and I don't even understand why they did it. It took them until December 2010 to see you for what you really were. A whole fucking year. Wow. And I don't go on Wikipedia anymore thanks to you, the damage has been done. You ruined that site for me, and now you're trying to ruin DeviantArt for me. You go on DeviantArt harassing me, I make a new account to get away from you on there(this is what, my fifth account on that site now), and you find it, even though I didn't post anything on there that says that it is me, I don't post interests, where I'm from, anything! I joined that site because a friend of mine is an artist on it, I didn't join because of you, NOTHING I join is because of you, if you're on the site too, it's a coincidence, I didn't join to stalk you, I have NO INTEREST IN WASTING MY TIME ONLINE LOOKING FOR YOU, SINCE I DON'T LIKE YOU. You go and post nasty messages to my new account on there, so now I am leaving that account open and am still using it but I have another account on it, and it's a username you would not guess, and I decided to put in a fake name, lie about where I'm live, etc., as with before I would not put ANY INFORMATION in so you couldn't find me but maybe that's what I did wrong. I should have lied as much as I could. With this new account I have that you haven't figured out yet, I'm using it as my main account but the other account will still be up there as a decoy to throw you off. It's sad that it has to come to that. I blocked you on the other account before you could post anything, and you make a account to post on my profile harassing messages, and you put as your username for the account you make to harass me with my username and then "has aids". You're 23 years old, so grow the fuck up already! A 13 year old would do what you're doing, I said before you were acting like a 15 year old but that's a compliment! A 15 year old acts more mature than you! I'm 21 years old and maybe saying 13 years old is a compliment too, since 13 year olds probably act more mature than you! You have hurt me SO MUCH over the last two years that if I had to choose to save you or another friend that has betrayed me, I would save the other person, since NOT ONE OF ANY OF THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT HAVE BETRAYED ME HAVE DONE ANY OF THE THINGS YOU HAVE DONE, AND THEY HAVEN'T ACTED AS BAD AS YOU EITHER! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I REALLY FUCKING HATE YOU!!! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE TO HATE ANYONE THAT HAS BETRAYED ME SO MUCH AS YOU, YOU'RE THE FIRST PERSON THAT BETRAYED ME THAT I FEEL EXTREME HATE, RAGE, AND DISGUST WITH! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I WOULD EVER SAY THAT EITHER! I am SO THANKFUL that you're not in University like me, since if you were, you would probably make my life hell there too! You're part of the reason I want to die, because of all the nasty things that you say and do, and no matter how much I ignore it, you continue with your shit, and have even gotten people who see me publically to think things about me! I was afraid to go to the mall for two months because of you! You must feel so happy to hear all that, why don't you take a bow for making me afraid of going to the mall and making me suicidal and feeling like a piece of shit?!?!?!
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    Listen,I'm not one to talk but maybe you shouldn't be making out posts emblazoned with this guys name.It may encourage him.

    If my Iva came here plastering my name all over the shop then I would be made up.
    It would spur me on to not change my behaviour,something like what you've done would only confirm to me that i was right all along.
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    Excuse me, but this is the only post I have made so far with a full hate rant at him, (I thought this was a forum for "venting"?) since he has been HARASSING ME since LAST YEAR AND I AM SICK OF IT. IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO TELL ME NOT TO, SORRY TO BE RUDE.
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    You had better not let my Iva hear you talking to me like that.I'm just sayin.
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    Wow, but you feel like telling me what I can and can't do when I make a post that has NOTHING to do with you?
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    ... perhaps he doesnt know she's on here. Perhaps she wants to post and be able to vent, and get some responces from other people who share a common ground. Or that people can offer some guidence in this issue.

    Try and be more diplomatic with your responces to people. They might share a common theme with you, but it doesn't mean the expression and mentallity behind it is the same as yours. There are alot more plausable reasons for her posting about this than the ones you've suggested.

    Im not sure what to suggest. Have you tried creating entirely new profiles online with entirely new emails and such. Maybe even restrciting the ability to view those profiles to friends only?
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    I did create new profiles, but somehow he found me, even though the usernames weren't obvious. There are only two sites I'm safe from him now that it appears he hasn't joined, here and a site called
    Thanks for your support by the way :)
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    Hey Ziva you go girl.. Vent all you want on here.. Your right that this is a place where you can speak whats on your mind..Don't let a couple of people chase you off..We are here for you..
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    Thank you. It's especially upsetting since he goes on sites posted my FULL name, all I did was post his first name and a side account he made to harass me with. I don't mean to sound paranoid, but maybe the person that's sticking up for him knows him somehow and somehow knows I'm talking about the Sean that was my ex-boyfriend(though I never said his real last name) and is defending him and calling me down to dirt because of that. Who knows lol.
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    It's good to vent. You have every right to vent. :)
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    Yes, since he does it on other sites PUBLICACLLY and posts my FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ETC. and will the cops do anything about it? No, since he is not threatening me but I spoke to another person about this and it IS harassment! I have been cyberbullied PLENTY of times by people who I know in real life but the cops won't do a thing. No wonder the schools don't do anything about bullying(I attended a school where I was shoved down the stairs and broke my ankle, and the person who shoved me said "Haha the retard fell"). That's just one example, I got PLENTY of examples, I have been treated like a retard all my life because of my epilepsy, even though it has been explained NUMEROUS times. I'm 21 years old now, in University, and people that know me that bully me that see me out in the streets scream stuff at me. I ignore them, but once I get my degree(if I'm still alive, all of this crap plus other things have pushed me to suicidal thoughts) I'm out of here. There is no way I am returning to this province to live, because of all the pain I endured here. People say it gets worse in other places? Well the difference with me is I won't be speaking to many people(I stopped really speaking to people since I was 18 years old, some bad stuff happened then), so nobody will really know me. I hate to have to do that, but that's what it has come to. I know many people do that already, and now I know why.