to see me.

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  1. lakenb

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    Talking doesn’t help.
    I still want to kill myself.
    I still want to cut.
    I still want someone to realize that im not all better.
    That yet again im getting worse.
    I want someone to hold me while I cry.
    I want someone to scream at me telling me that its my fault
    I want someone to help me up when I fall down
    I want someone to shove me down
    I want someone to start a conversation with me be it mean or nice.
    I am tired of being ignored.
    I want someone to see the pain in my eyes.
    I want someone to see me.
  2. total eclipse

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    I see you hun I see your pain within your words you have written. You can have a conversation with us here we will listen You are someone hun ok talking here will help you see you are not alone anymore hugs