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  1. Cernubis_Rae16

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    Listen up you fucking prick
    You'd better hear this well
    The things I want to do to you
    only God can tell

    I am done with your rollercoaster
    fed up with your childish ways
    The lies, and manipulation
    You're the loser of all days

    I could say almost anything
    to get this into your puny head
    I have been suffering
    since I lay down in your bed

    If you were half the man
    that you claim to be
    you'd pick your balls up off the floor
    and stop whining back to me

    So prove yourself to all of us
    show us how tough you are
    or is it that forgetting me
    is taking things too far

    I have moved on this time
    your sorry ass left in the dust
    you won't be going with me
    you cannot fit in with us

    We are made of reality
    our minds work with life
    you just sit there bitching
    complaning about your strife

    I am so far past over you
    it's fucking plain to see
    it's time you stopped your tantrum boy
    and just get over me!
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