To talk or not to talk??

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Rachael1, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Rachael1

    Rachael1 Account Closed

    Im extremly reluctant to talk to anyone about what happened to me exept on here, because 'he' cant hear me here. But my therapist and all my doctors ect are trying to get me to talk and now my welfare officer has told my mother about my sf and overdosing ect, so im feeling under pressure at the moment. The thing is 'he' and everyone else responsible for my abuse are still out there and they promised to kill me if i talked. I never reported the abuse because i was too scared and ive never told anyone about it except on this forum. Is there any kind of protection i can get? and how quickly will the people responsible be taken away? what can i do? i really am stuck. I cant go on like this, ive tried to fight it for nearly three years but its all too much to bear now and ive hit rock bottom. ive tried to kill myself on several occasions but ive always been found. My medication seems to be kicking in at last and i feel a glimse of fight still left in me somewhere. im not going down without one last fight but i dont know where to turn, if i talk and 'he' finds out, he will try to kill me. so i need protection, but will the police do that??
  2. FrainBart

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    :hug: if there is a risk posed to you or family they will put safe guards in place to ensure your safety. Don't be afraid to go to the police.
  3. total eclipse

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    The safest thing you can do hun is to tell the police and get the protection you need get the bst lock up ok so don't harm anyone else hugs
  4. Rachael1

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    but theres more than one person involved in this and i dont know exactly where all of them are, id love to see them all rot in hell but just too afraid to do anything..
  5. katrina77

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    Did you tell your therapist that you are afraid of what may happen from these people if you talk? Maybe they can help you contact the police to file a report against the people who hurt you, and get you protection.

    You shouldn't have to live in fear and have the pain you are feeling. You have a right to feel safe and be able to get the help you need to feel better. Don't let those bullies stop you from having the life you deserve. Like my dad use to tell me, "Don't let the bastards win."
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