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To Television:

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Dear T.V.,

You exist as a way to divert attention and entertain. You have taken lives and created a global ideology where every person is bonded into your pathetic, predictable dynamic conceptuals like Insecurity/Confidence and Good/Bad and Pain/Bliss. Congratulations on such an accomplishment. A substratum 100% fixed on dueling arcs with archaic molds dating to the pre-B.C.'s of ape-&-tree.

I hope you just know- my words may blend into your "insanity" context- but that's ALL you have. Insanity = Illogic. Unfortunately, you, the glowbox, who live vicarious lives everyday through perceived beliefs (like I am feeling now- today: lonliness) are infact- dying of your own ideology. Yes, you self-destructive shit, YOU are illogical. No, really- was it the blue shadow in the death scene with the gentle piano intro to set the 'depression' mood? And by God- I believe I feel the same way when I am inside that context of dark blue light and lonliness- I feel 'depressed'. You have me now. You didn't have me last year. You won't have me next year.

I am not creative, not an artist, I hate poetry. There is no self-gratifying rationale in typing this. Only the simple rationale of how I love questioning-in-layers in the possible destruction of you. Mass-promoting a life of 'need', thus creating a culture of people like me- who feel inferiority, depression, lonliness- but is it really a suprise?

Sincerely & Care
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