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    you know what u are.. ur a ****in pussy.. i never see you hang around with anyone except the same ****in people 24 hours a day. okay.. i mean im not gonna lie.. i was in a situation just like that.. but u know what.. nobody ever asked me to hang out with them.. thats why im confused .. when someone asks to hang around with you .. you say no?! or is it just me.. even though you dont know anything about me.. which you dont.. im sure uv'e heard stories and stuff but why dont u grow some balls and ask me for a change.. im obviously making the effort to get to know you better.. you must think ur pretty awesome to turn down my friendship.. well ur not.. nobody even knows who you are.. and i bet more people know me than you.. does that matter.. not really.. but what im trying to say is dont think ur all high and mighty because you hang around with the same dirty ass kid 24/7 cause thats not true. i used to think alex was the dick and you were the good one.. ha. my views are starting to change.. you know what you did to me when u didnt add me.. you basically said.. id rather be on the computer alone in my house than to hang around with u.. that ****in hurt u know.. thats not fair to me.. i never did anything to get on ur badside and yet you still ignore me like i dont even exist.. why dont u stop assuming things for a change and find out the truth before u hurt someones feelings.. ur no better than the rest of them..
  2. BioHomocide

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    Did you ever think to yourself that maybe he didn't want to hurt you?

    Maybe he just doesn't fully understand how you feel.
    Don't blame him for everything because it sounds like you have as much problems as he does.

    You need to forgive people for their mistakes.
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    if he dont wanna be your friend. thats his choice
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    Contrary to the above 2 posters I think you've posted a great thing there! :hug:

    You're generally working someone out in your head and this guy is definitely NOT worth your time. You sound like you've got a lot of self esteem, self worth yourself. Don't listen to people saying you've got problems when you don't. When I read your post you sound very brave and independent.

    Some people are either cowards- scared of losing place in their group, scared of change in their social circle in themselves, or just plain rude. He does sound like he doesn't want to sacrifice his place in his precious group to be with you and he is a dick for being so hurtful to you on the computer- (there are better ways of saying no to someone) and I think it was brave of you to approach him to be friends with you in the first place.

    I think perhaps after all that it does seem that he isn't worth your time though? His rejection of you doesn't mean it's YOUR fault, he's got a lot going on himself...and he sounds like you say, a dick.

    Good luck with yourself timmy.