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to what end

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Im sitting staring at this blank page trying to figure out why it is I want to die
But no one thing Is trumatic enought, I guess the real question is Why would I want to live to what end.
Nothing seems to make sence nothing has any point
what to you do when you have no hope

To hell with it

Im done
hun, people can become depressed over nothing, im i have no real reason to be depressed, but you dont need one, depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain sometimes its brought on by traumatic events and sometimes it can be brought on by abosulutly nothing, but with the right help it can be fixed


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First of all welcome and glad you joined us...many of us have felt as you have posted, looking for the meaning of our lives, sometimes when we would or could not let it in...I have found that one way to know about myself is to have it reflected in others...that is something ppl here can provide for you...please let us know what is going on and how we can support you...big hugs, Jackie
Sorry about the post just felt horrible bad day at work

I am getting help for my problems the pills they gave me

Sometimes don't work so well

Thank you for taking time to reply I really appreciate your responses

I wish you well

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