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I have no your email address anymore cause my email company switch things and removing files failed.

It also can be that boo sent post at purpose, even it is a "junk mail" (whatever it means). I do not know did he got my pm or not cause he did not responsed but I pleased him to tell if he is alive... It can also be that he died next to computer and viruses has taken over his computer but I want to believe he send messages at purpose. Or maybe he is earning money by sending junk mail I guess they pays people for that. Maybe he does not want to keep contact to any of us or maybe he does not have anything to say at this moment.

And someone mention about googling him. Yes, you can find boo at least to year 2004 or what ever it was, lol... And also see that he has been several tens of forums and sites and left them all behind. He knows where we are, he knows that some people in sf love and miss him.

I still daydream that dr.phill finds our boo and he can hug all who he wants... So someone call dr.phill,now! I am serious even I know boo would take contact if he wish so. But also if he is not okay or he is dead... He cannot tell to us if he is dead or in troubles... Maybe he is in hospital or in jail... Not our business but if someone spend as much time to thinking what has happened to boo as me... That is lot of time and hopeless and desperate feelings, not nice at all. But I guess you know what I am talking about.

Anyway still have not seen boo. I am just hoping the best for him what ever he does and where ever he goes. Also, I am grateful what I got from him. Even I am still without his hair.

This is why I hate people so much, they always dies or disappears... But who could resist boo, he he, not me :p


I'm going to try and email you. I don't know if yours is the same, I guess I'll find out. :)
My address is same. But I cannot find tools to chancing post blocking system. I blocked all former addresses because of keylogger, email hacking, computer hacking and what happend to sf. Not easy time. If you have other email it might came through.
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