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    today has been so crap, 1st i get woken up by a phone call which consists of my mum shouting down the phone at me cos shes had a call from my maths teacher as to why i havent taught maths for 3 weeks. so i get called unreliable etc etc and threatened with it bein taken off my ucas which he cant actually do as i taught last year for free ffs.

    at school i was talking to a guy who also teaches when i do told me this tuesday he turned up and it was cancelled and the week before out of our 12 students (we hav 6 each) only 2 turned up. i live a mile away from school and we'v had all the bad snow/ice why the fuck should i turn up if its on even on? you couldnt walk down my bloody road. oh and the 3rd time i was actually in an exam.

    so mum gets home from work and just starts shouting at me again. apparently the teacher has rang my mobile, i havent actually received any calls in ages, she says i'm a liar. she also says tht the guy is lying and my students do turn up, well as i'v never seen one i doubt tht. then it moves onto calling me stupid, worthless, lazy etc and how much she hates me basically. i have no fucking self confidence as it is, i dont need her telling me she hates me and wishes i;d never been born. i'm never good enough, nothing i do is right, my grades are never enough, i just cant take it anymore.

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    Sounds to me like your Mum is the one who has problems. If you've done a years teaching for free then you are neither lazy nor stupid. Sometimes parents have problems themselves and take it out on their kids which is grossly unfair but then thats life. See if you can talk to her about it. Best wishes.