Today I have made a resolution

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    I made a resolution that I will not frequent social networking websites any more. I'm actually sick of the racial hatred and ignorance a lot of people exhibit, not to mention their lack of empathy, arrogance and hatred. Its intolerable for me. I visit a certain social networking forum and I saw one girl make a thread about how she was feeling suicidal because of her parents putting too much pressure and most people came up with replies like "Cut your self bitch", " Stop being emo" , " post your n00dz" etc. There are pictureless fools making judgments about other peoples looks, analyzing even minute details like nasal index to put others down which is pretty lame. Then there are others who constantly picwhore to seek approval from others. I have seen people making fun of other peoples dead relatives. Most of them take the net way too seriously and would start flaming you if they feel they are loosing an intellectual debate. Its disgusting. I admit that sometimes I have also engaged in trolling on those type of forums and firing back insults but now I realize its nothing but a waste of time. I won't be going to any of these sites. I frequent some other websites like this forum though because people on these kind of websites are more enlightened and aware of the problems in the world.
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