Today I just realized how much my life sucks.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by invisible3, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. invisible3

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    I'm a pretty normal guy for the most part, I just turned 18 a few weeks ago, I go to high school (Failed courses in Grade 9 so I still have half a year left), and I have a part-time job. I smoke and drink occasionaly, As well as light drugs.

    but I just realized that no one really cares about me aside from my parents. No one said happy birthday to me on my 18th birthday except my immediate family. My extended family doesn't like me. My mom forced me to have a birthday dinner with my "whole family" and all that showed up was my grandma, aunt, and 1 cousin who is 10.

    I have 'friends' sort of.. who I talk to at school, but I never see them outside of school. I'm a member of the group, but I'm not.. its hard to explain. When someone leaves they slap hands with everyone individualy, except for me. I'm never really included in the conversation at all and sometimes I even get ignored when I talk.

    I am also anti-social. I get asked to hang out after school or on weekends and I always make stuff up like, I have work or I need to study when really I dont. I am also obviously a virgin and have never had a girlfriend. Girls have had crushes on me and liked me, but my self-esteem was never good enough to say anything. I feel like, every time I walk away from someone after talking to them, they begin to make fun of me. My self esteem is really, REALLY low. But I've never been really made fun of in school or anything...

    I'm not bad-off like most depressed people... I'm not ugly and I dont have a bad family situation, so why am I like this? do I have some kind of mental disability? should I see a therapist about this?

    edit: I should add I'm not feeling suicidal yet, but I feel that if my life doesn't get better I will be in the future.
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  2. rd9671

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    Sounds like you may have a social anxiety disorder. You may want to try to talk to your family doc about how you are feellling and what is going on. He can make a further recommendation after that. He may prescribe a medication that is meant to treat GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) which can have some of the symptoms that you are describing. It is worth a try. As far as therapy, well it may help you work out the insecurity and self esteem issues that you are experiencing. I would encourage you to talk with your doc and go from there. Before your appointment, make a note of the things that are bothering you and your feelings; include the feeling that people are talking about you after you leave, this information, however slight can help him make a better diagnosis. Also, you may want to ask your family doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist. The reason I add this is because the psychiatrist has the specialized training in this area and is generally more familiar with the medications that are available to you.
    Good Luck and if you need to talk you can pm me anytime.
  3. TheBLA

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    No, your not crazy or have a mental disability, its quite normal and there's a lot of people like you, in a lot like your situation, like me. I am 20 and have no friends, girlfriend, little to no self-esteem, nobody except my parents and little brother said happy birthday to me last month as well. Sorry my post isn't longer/helpful.
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