Today is the first day to rest of my life..


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Okay I've made some mistakes but it's not over for me. I am still in my 20's and I've got rest of my life ahead of me to get better professionally and personally.
So, starting afresh, following are my strategies for success.

1. Quit smoking
2. Start exercising
3. Meditate more. Have firm faith in God.
4. Take meds regularly till doctor says so.
5. Try to be more professional in my approach.
6. Start writing journal.
7. Participate more in SF and help others along the way.

What about you ?


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All of those are really great ideas. I hope you have a lot of success with them. Don't do too much at once! It might set you up for failure. Good luck!!


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I'm still working on mine though but so far, I've thought about these strategies:

1.) Triple my effort in studying and reviewing
2.) Drink a cup of coffee a day
3.) Read more chapters of the self-help book my sister recommended to me for my social anxiety
4.) Participate more in SF and make new friends :)
5.) Work harder on creating my portfolio
6.) Create to-do list and planner to maximize productivity
7.) Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day
8.) Go out more often and maybe, try to interact with the outside world
9.) Eat ramen!! :D

Sounds like a good plan for me.. :)

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