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  1. scaryforest

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    today some family member came to visit for a week or too from canada.
    he has links to a person who's ripped my view point to shreds and whom i never wanna hear of or speak to again, till he apologizes at least. which he isn't likely to do. and if he did, i'd be like: eff you.

    the visiting family member will probably tell him i still suck at life. i wish i could fake my death to these two people and have some privacy and not have to think about it. like ever. lame rant
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    Hey Scaryforest - sorry you feel so angry :hug: if these people have nothing better to talk about/think about/do than talk about the state of YOUR life then their lives cannot be up to much either. If they are so small minded and petty, they are not worth your time and consideration anyway. I hope you are able to stay out of their way as much as possible and that you get some privacy back soon.
  3. scaryforest

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    wow just noticed grammar errors in my post. ocd about it. alas

    thank you for the reply. appreciate someone even noticing. and good words, thank you.

    so we went to eat and he seemed in a good mood, banged on about his travels yet again and stings so much for reasons. he is in bed now but tomorrow is another awkward day where we will most likely sit in silence again and do our own thing and i'll get pissy and paranoid as to what he may be thinking if anything or what he may tell the other guy
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    Sorry to hear about this scaryforest. It sucks when you get family members come to stay who you don't get on with and then tattle tale to others about you and your life. Trust me, my family is awful for tattle taling and it's annoying. But the thing to remember is they clearly have nothing better to do with their lives if all they can do is gossip about you. Says more about them than it does you.
  5. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    wasn't too comfortable in chat but if you wanna talk about fam things of your own that you mentioned, i am more functioning one on one and all ears
    again, thank you for reply.

    oops, spat all over my ipad screen as i blew dust or something off the screen. random
  6. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    so he left for the weekend to see his british friends, today he is coming back, the family dude. so awkward.
    last year when he was here, he spoke to us here. this time it's hardly even small talk, like he's using us as a hotel.
    he asked me if i had same boyfriend, friends etc. like i am some unreliable *****
    my english and well anything else i speak is degrading by day
  7. That sucks. Either ignore them or tell them they are wrong and you are better at life then them because life is what you make out of it and the fact that you manage to get up and not kill yourself each morning, is a great f. accomplishment considering what you're going through.
    *Fuzzy hugs you*
  8. scaryforest

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    that other family member basically told us to die faster and said i have no future. this other guy is less vocal. bad words come and go.
    your post touched me!

    though i'm one of them people who values my problems as less than everybody else's, i mean subconsciously anyway because always listen to others and when/if someone asks me what's going on/wrong, clam up or chat gibberish.
    i mean, this is a relatively small issue but atm it's only one i can even rant about, i think i sound so 1st world about it

    hope your day is going ok