today was an okay day

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    after crying about three tiems last night because i ws upset over volunteering i finally fell asleep about 4am. and no i didnt brush my teeth last night. ill have to be super clean the next few days tomake up for it :/

    today i met with ''friend'' for lunch - it was nice. i had a panini. i didn get weird vibes off her this time. other times i felt so much pressure and i felt like she was always judging me because i have no friends. well not really. today was the last time we would meet up because she is going bakc home to spain in afew weeks.

    i dont miss her. i am glad shes going lol. i am relieved because i felt so much pressure and anxiety around her. there is a new babysitter takng her place whenshe leaves and i dont know if she will set me up with her. it would be nice to have someoen to meet up with once a week. but it is up to the new baby sitter.

    like id like it to happen but the girl today didnt mention anything and i thought it would sound desparate if i asked her ot get the new girl to meet up with me beause i had no friends lol

    i do have one friend but he is far away. it helps to have someoen local. its nice. and when i came home it was just nice - tha feeling of oh i just came back form lunch i did soemthin differen and i didnt just sit at home all day on my laptop.

    so i ahd a good day. today was a good day :) i ahd food and i was more relaxed than befor with the girl because i knew it was our last time together lol. and she seemed happy. other times she gives me weirdl oks .i don't like that

    i sounded insecure at the coffee shop but i think thats okay. i think. i hope. im not doign anything wrong. yay i had lunch today

    yesterday was awful. let's not talk about that

    oh i am still thining about my crush. lol hes just such a cutie:oops::eek::rolleyes:

    just wanted to say i had a good day. its nice to not spend all day at my desk with no one to meet or talk to. yay
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    That is a good thing to hear around here. Delighted you had a good day and some fun, you enjoyed yourself and that's life, there's ups and downs, glad you saw the ups today! I know what you mean by not wanting to be alone. I am in the same situation but I'm so anxious I don't want to meet anyone right now. I hope there are many more good days for you. You deserve them as much as anyone else. Keep it up hun! @bubblebear
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    aww thank u petal <3 i hope the same for yew too <3:rolleyes: