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today i went to the cliffs to take pics of the sunset..and leave it to me..i fell in a big pile of mud..slipped and landed knees and arms and all. THAT IS ALL...
i sat ont he ground in the mud for a couple minutes laughing..im so thankful i was alone and no one saw it ..but people did see me walk up covered in it..so they got the idea...next time I want pudding so i can like roll around in it and not care if it gets in my mouth lol AHAHAH :biggrin:


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falling is one thing, at least you get the "are you ok?"'s from the people around you, its worse if you do what i did the other day, i sliped on mud but waved my arms about enough to recover without falling, looked like a total idiot though :laugh: thankfully there was only one other person there to see me but i was carrying the take away and the first thing he said to me was "is the food ok" :dry: :laugh:
And did you look around to see if anyone noticed? And of course if you aren't okay, you wouldn't dare to admit it. :blink: I am glad you are both okay. :hug:
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