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well, today's been terrible.

first off, i'm pretty sure i've broken my tooth- i've know idea how.. but for some reason it hurts to eat on my right side- oh well, i suppose i'll just eat on my left side. i'd go to the dentist or something, but to be perfictly honest.. i've all ready been given orders on what i can and can't do, so that's that i guess

secondly, there's been talking of me being kicked out of my house and in sted going to live with mark (1 of my mother's old boyfriends)

i'm not sure what she sees in him, he holds her up against the wall and hits her- and all she's ever wanted him for was the money... so it looks like i've got that to look forward to as well- not

same other crap really.. same run of the mill day to day ups and downs (well, mostly downs)

just glad when today will finally be over- and i can actually put another one behind me


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Can you not get help in getting a place of your own? Just a small bedsit would miles better than living with this jerk who hit your mum.

Sad that she is a victim of this - but no way ought she be suggesting that as an option, maybe it was just a scare tactic or something - like the bogey man - but your not a kid no more and I'm sure you would not be bonding with Mr women beating idiot in a hurry!

Maybe you can get along with your mum better though - if your feeling down or depressed, then get some help there also. Depression impacts on relationships, but sometimes were you live can be a big cause of depression.

Dentists are needed at times - don't let it go just because you feel down - your teeth are not growing back again and when your happier you'll be glad of a decent set.

Good luck Daniel - one day at a time we fight this - but get help!
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