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    Be too honest with your therapist and your spouse will be called to come to the office and you'll have to spend 2 hours trying to convince them you don't have to go to the hospital. Never been there, don't want to.

    Had these feelings and thoughts for 20+ years and it's caught me off guard that my new therapist understands how miserable I am and freaks out at the things I've been saying for years to other therapists. This one has worked more crisis cases, and it shows.

    dont' tell anyone that you DON'T want to get better. All hell breaks out when you do that.
  2. WildCherry

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    Other than going to the hospital, did your therapist have any other ideas on things you might be able to do?
  3. Perfect Melancholy

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    question? I thought what was said in these sessions were confidential so why was your spouse called?
  4. Forgotten_Man

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    :cry: crap another reason to not trust a therapist. I need to remember to not put down any contacts.
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    I learned long ago if you tell them you feel down AND you that you DON'T want to get better they get very concerned for your safety ..hell I am worried to hear you say those are basically saying your going to attempt do you realize that? They have to act on that.

    Question: If you DON'T want to get better like you say what are you doing in therapy?
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    I appreciate your comments...I was "just venting"
    Bambi, yes, on one level I do understand where she's coming from and what she was hearing. I don't hate her for it...everything just gets so frustrating at times. I appreciate what she's doing and gave her a hug when I left. Why do I go to therapy? mostly to vent and to be honest with someone for an hour, instead of pretending I'm fine. When I say that I don't want to get better, what I really mean is that I'm overwhelmed with what it takes to get better. I can never seem to fight my thoughts for very long at all. It's too hard. I'm tired of trying. I'm just very tired. btw, the thought of my parent's pain is what keeps me from doing it. I'm basically waiting until they die (they're only 68)..but I'm so miserable in the meantime that I just keep going back and forth in my head makes my head spin.

    Forgotten & Java...please don't use this example not to trust therapists. I believe confidentiality can be legally be broken if it is believed that suicide or homicide is an immediate danger. My therapist has always made it clear that she wanted my husband involved since he is my support system and she only has a part-time private practice. I am always in the room when she talks to him.

    WildCherry - yes, my med nurse has been recommending ECT and my therapist is trying to contact the DBT therapist in the area. She is also wanting to refer me to the county health center because she is only a 1 person, part time, private practice and she thinks/knows that I need closer monitoring that she can do.

    Thanks everyone for listening.