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Today's my birthday

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I haven't posted on here in a long time.

Today's my birthday and as usual it sucks, its not that I take birthdays all that serious anymore, I'm too old for that, but it proves just how worthless I am in other peoples eyes, even my own family seems to hate me. I truly wish I had never been born. I'm a complete failure in every aspect of my life and more than likely it will never change or get better, things don't change for people like me.

I give and give and no one ever returns the favor, yes I know you can't buy love or acceptance but still. I'm even coming to the point where I can't stand most people, there lack of empathy and selfishness.

Suicide is always on my mind, I want out of my piece of shit life and out of this evil backwards world.
yeah i know birthdays are shit when you're down and depressed. but if you really think that you're a failure, i smell bullshit. try a longer runway for your dreams and have a clear goal you want to persue. give it 5 years and youll be doing alot better.


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Firstly, happy birthday and glad you decided to share it with us...secondly, I truly know what it is like to feel worthless, and also know the value in sharing and feeling the care of others (here and in RL)...please continue to post and let us know what is going on for you...I am sure there are many people here who will be able to relate...happy birthday again :bday:


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Happy birthday, first of all!

Birthdays and other days that hold significance (easter, christmas etc) do tend to be a hit of a downer with all of the expectations and hype given them by everyone, so the easiest way that I deal with such events is not to expect so much and generally treat it as if it is any other day - which they pretty much are, anyway.

But why let something such as selfishness on another person's part stop you from enjoying what shoukd otherwise be an enjoyable day for you? If you give and you give and are not rewarded for your trouble with even a kind word, then they don't deserve what you have for them. Move on and give your time to someone who will appreciate it even more - which will also boost your own happiness at the same time.

For the cake today and have some :bubbles: - as it's all in the signature!

ali 56

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Happy birthday too even if I may be a bit late just turned on computer. Try and switch off from folk that's what I do I really know it's hard but it does come easier to disconnect with time, good days come with bad please rememeber that and enjoy the good feelings that you have - take care Ali


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Happy Birthday ...*hug* *cake*

I feel for you cos I could have written that exact same letter and I hate my birthday with a passion..
I hope the coming year is better for you
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