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Today's poll question

Please read the post for the question (it's long)

  • I hear 'good job!' - I feel like I did a good job and I am happy with what I achieved

  • I hear 'this isn't good enough' - I feel like I did a bad job and they are disappointed/frustrated

  • I hear 'eh - this is fine' - I feel deflated and that I should be better than I am

  • I hear 'this isn't good enough' - I feel like they are unreasonable/should have been clearer

  • I hear 'good job!" - I feel like they are lying and that its clearly actually crap

  • I hear 'eh - this is fine' - I feel fine and happy to have feedback to improve

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I have a question:

In a situation where someone has asked you to do something (e.g. your manager/colleague asks you to write x or create a presentation for y or rearrange this display etc) and when you submit it they say "Hey, this is really good! Thank you, there are some really great parts of this. This part could do with some work though so please can you add/change xyz and this bit here isn't quite right so just get rid of it. And maybe go over that bit again because it needs more blah blah. Good job though - I really like it"

Edit: Being asked 'how much needs to be changed' - so lets say 15-20% of it.

Do you hear/feel... (refer to poll - please choose closest to your response but feel free to post if you'd have a different reaction :) ).


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Of course my answer here varies on what kind of day I'm having / what mood I'm in, right?
I'm having a perfectly fine day so I hear "eh, this is okayish, I'm happy to make it better for you and don't feel bad things about it" but if I were already having a bad day then I would automatically default to "ugh another thing you're crap at", right?


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Majority of the time when I hear that, I'll be thinking "not good enough, go and sort it before you come back to me." So naturally, I'll be feeling anger and frustration. Obviously though, a lot depends on the person giving the feedback. If it's someone that is known for constructive critiscism, then ok, that'll be tolerable. But there's been other's I've known who just like throwing their weight around just because they like the power trip and will attempt to pick holes such for the hell of it. To me, it's like these fuckers telling me how to fry an egg when I'm at the level that I know how to make a fucking souffle.

I think I'd feel a bit embarrassed, I hate constructive criticism- although depends who it's coming from really and the way they said it- if someone's tone of voice sounds impatient or dismissive then I'll feel shit, but if they're smiling and reassuring and say it gently and politely and just like a normal tone of voice/brighter then I'm ok.

generally I'd take it as "ah ok, I did well, but it's not quite to their preference, whatever, I'll just try my best to do what they ask", although depending what setting it's in I can end up feeling very self-conscious and panicky that I won't be able to get it right


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I really think it depends on who it's coming from and what frame of mind I'm in. At work, I may feel that that I didn't do a great job initially, but I often sell myself short when honestly I'm the most or nearly the most competent on my team, proven by data and my track record.

I also know that you are highly intelligent so chances are that a project you produced is great and the person that wanted it just wants to collaborate. What's the adage that they push nowadays, there's no I in TEAM, that's ingrained in everyone's head.

I wrote this before casting vote. Have a good weekend.


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Recently a friend at my job was asked her to revamp the training for new hires. She did, she felt good about it and our head supervisor said it wasn't strong enough or something to that effect. At first she felt badly. Then, she set back to work and took her corrective criticism and redid it and the sup liked the new one. I witnessed this because she was living with me for a short period whike she got her living and personal situation squared away.


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My manager has learned a few things about me, but as far as feedback she's learned this:
a) I never think I did good enough
b) Direct and to the point is best, don't tell me crap was rainbows
c) I'll work all night to fix it. She never gives me feedback at the end of the day now

Even if that answer makes me feel like shit, I'd rather know than not know. I would rather know when a person says good job they really mean it, than wondering.

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