Toeing the Line

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  1. BelovedDreamer

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    So I’m not what you thought you needed.
    Can you forgive me, is the question.
    It’s all just a big parade of
    let downs and up drafts
    almost triumphs and sort of failures.
    Touch me here
    and my breath still catches in my chest.
    You see it and you look away.
    Try to run
    but you trip on our friendship.
    Now which one of us
    really failed the other?
    Me for loving you more than you wanted
    or you,
    for fear of a thread,
    unraveling the entire pattern?
    One love need not exclude the other.
    I am a woman almost-grown
    and I know where the line lays
    and my priorities stand.
    I would not sacrifice a friendship
    for impossibility.
    We both knew where the other stood
    the words you launched
    so clumsily and tactlessly
    into the space between us
    were needless
    and caused more damage
    than my silent affection
    ever could.
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    Your works never cease to amaze me...:eek:hmy:
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