toilet paper stolen WTF!

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    Sunday night i went shopping. every time i go shopping i buy just enough stuff to last me 14 days. that's day i had a pizza to celibate the holiday so i had no reason to cook the food i normal bought. so yesterday, monday, i went too cook some of my beans. when i opened the cupboard i had 2 cans missing. the most likely suspect is my roommate. he has not brought anyone to the apartment and not have i. but sens i have no proof that he did it i mind my own business and put the remaining cans in a locked safe in my room.

    today i had a new incident with him! just to see what happens so far as hi looking for my food, i decided to leave the web cam on my laptop on. i angled it to get as much of the room as possible and set it to record before i left to class. i dident think he would enter my room but he did. when i saw that i was a bit mid. what really pissed me off though is later on the video it shows him taking cash from my desk and stealing my toilet paper! who the hell steals toilet paper! WTF!

    now i was pissed and i wanted to calm down. once calmed down i contacted the people in charge of the building and am waiting for a reply.

    prior to all this i have applied for a room transfer. he has a habit of getting on my nerves. one of the things he has done is purposely placed garbage in my pot and cast iron skillet. i was pissed and let it pass. i understand i should have cleaned up my mess even though its nothing compared to his. i also understand he it dident know i had to re-seasion my skillet. most people wouldn't know that.

    another annoyance is him using an entire toilet paper roll in 1 day. this wouldn't bother me as much if alternated between buying it but i have done all the buying in the past 8 weeks. i tried to get the point across by buying only for me and keeping it in my room but i never saw him buy any for himself.

    i also think he may be drinking my milk but i cant really tell. i try to measure what i drink but i do often drink too much or too little so i cant really tell.

    he also isent friendly. i tried twice to talk to him but he ignored me both times. as stated before i do have a habit of neglecting people and i usually have no interest in others, but at least i talk back if someone talks to me. the only time he did talk to me was to say sorry for putting the garbage in my pot and pan.

    he has also went and used my plates and utensils with out my consent and dident even wash time. after the last time i placed them in a spot that should make it obvious i dont want him to use them.

    i can deal with the minor annoyances, but theft is unacceptable.
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    oh my! I've only ever heard of roommate horror stories like this before-- sounds horrible! I think I probably would've smothered him in his sleep by now XD
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    sorry for all the typos. not in a happy mood.
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    One time, I was making popcorn, and I realised I had no salt, and so I stole some of my housemate's. I felt bad. I bought my own the next time I went shopping. They never found out. *Relieved*

    But, uh, you've got it pretty bad. I hope you can change roommates. Then break something of his shortly before moving out.
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    you know you can go to the cops with that video and get him arrested for should that 'cause he deserves to go to jail for what he did...
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    well its gotten some what resolved. today i caught him stealing my game COD4. this was the last straw. later this night i called the resident people here and they called campus security. they said the options were to have the city police arrest him or have the university legal system deal with him. i went with the university. i cant see the city holding someone for theft of less than 50 US. the resident people went with me then to talk to him and get my stuff. we then signed a contract stating how we would act until i moved out. after that we had a long talk about how he made mistakes how he should have come to me before taking my stuff. i successfully restrained my self from hurting others. i see that as a big accomplishment.