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Told someone I wanted to slit my wrists today

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Told someone I wanted to slit my wrists today.

All they said about it was "don't you ever say things like that again".

I was hoping they would actually take me seriously. Because I was being serious.


i hear ya... I tell everyone i'm suicidal and am going to kill myself (I'm not trying to get a attention keep in mind... just feel like being honest I guess :cool: )... anyways... They all either just ignore me or tell me to stop being stupid or some shit like that. I guess no one likes that subject or sumtin. Go figure. :$
How appropriate of them, I mean.. god forbid someone has negative thoughts - I suppose if we're not always acting like perfect little happy humans, then everyone around us will contract our awful diseases and the whole world will end.


i know... it's like i'm sorry i'm raining on ur perfect little life parade.

Ignorant Bastards. :mad:


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I agree.. that was a very inappropriate response and i'm sorry that you had to hear it. I guess that some people just don't have the know-how (or common sense) when it comes to knowing how to reply or take someone in such emotional pain seriously.

I hear you.. and i am taking you very seriously. How are you doing now? Did anything happen to make you want to hurt yourself? I hope that you were able to stay safe.. please remember that we're here anytime that you need to talk.


Yeah, I'm ok...

I was in an argument, and I just kinda said it. I was hoping they would actually take me seriously, because I really wanted someone to know what I am feeling like. Wasn't really the reaction I was looking for.

But yeah, don't worry about me.


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hey I know what you mean, its like they tell you that there is no need or that your stupid or that they just look the other way instead of being a true friend and turning and asking you why or if they can help. I suppose it is hard to know the right thing to say when sum one you care about is hurting them selfs but what pissed me off the most was when they turn angry at u and ask if you realise what the effect on them is. like as if your deliberatley doing it to hurt them. If you ever need to talk about wanting to do it the drop a line. I bet theres plenty of people here who will listern.
Really though, how can talking hurt someone? Seriously, I've never understood why people think depression rubs off on others. I have never once in my life actually become depressed over hearing someone talk about their feelings. I mean, I might feel a little remorse or sadness temporarily, but that mood lifts as I go on about my day and think of positive things again. Talking about our feelings is part of the healing process itself, it's immature for people to expect others to put on an act all the time.
i can relate to this very much, and it hurts. There was a time last year where i was even more suicidal, into cutting and stuff like that. Well my dad saw the scarrs on my arm, he didnt comfort me, he told me if he would see more of those he would kick me out of the house. Well its not like i am not doing it anymore, i do it in spots where i either have a good explanation of how it got there or where no one will see it. You might say that male are different about things like that, but my whole family told me to stop wanting more attention, to stop cutting otherwise i would have to leave. (which was not the reason i was doin it)
Well what i think about that is that its very hurtful. Today I am trying to find help, this forum is the only help i have right now. How are people suppose to ask for help if noone is willing to give help. Its just sad.:sad:
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