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  1. Popa

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    I remember my dreams
    they were pure and good
    they told me to help my neighbors
    they told me to change the world
    In my loneliness I had them for company
    I know my future is bright
    I was young then, I was free
    they made me want to see tomorrow
    never thought it was the begining of my sorrow

    I am old now
    my youth fades behind me
    my stomach always seems to be moving forward

    I can still go back in time and see when sorrow started
    Yesterday, today, I played the film again and again
    the story was love, I asked her to love me back
    she said I was young but she was wrong
    I was worn then, and after her, I fell off
    few people could catch me
    my youth was broken, my dreams shattered
    my companion was now sorrow

    I became old
    I now know to grow old is to be rejected
    to have sorrow as a companion
    to have depression keep me company
    there are no more ambitions
    all I can say is do you want a shop card

    I thouhgt I will change something
    but a new compannion changed me
    depression, I love thee
    I see the truth in you
    to dream is dead to survive is alive
    the world is clear through you

    but one day old friend
    I hope to leave thee
    to be young again
    to change tomorrow for me
    not for neighbors nor the world
    to move my death for a few more years away
    to run, to love, to change myself
    to cry for joy, to eat for health
    to love and be loved back
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  2. What a gift you have for prose! I can't write like that. What are your goals for now? Do you see yourself running, loving, changing, being joyful, getting healthy? What awesome goals for anyone!
  3. Popa

    Popa Member

    Thanks, part of my frustration was not getting a decent job. I got a farily decent one which I will start on Monday, so I am much more motivated to improve myself mentally and physically. I do run but the weather on the East coast as been terrible and my car is crap but I am working on getting a new one which is nice and then I can return to the gym.
Thread Status:
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