Tonight, the night

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Pacolaco, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    Tonight, in a casket I will lay,
    while their pain will decay,
    friends forgiving my lies and betray,

    Tonight, those I will betray,
    are the friends who will dismay,
    I promised I wouldn't go away.

    Tonight, it's only an old cliche,
    to provide a faux display,
    of wellbeing and false portray.

    Tonight, the night before a soirée,
    suicidal thoughts bleak and grey,
    to die, seems more than okay.


    Needs some revision.. in the flow, in the message, in the strength.
  2. carol2237

    carol2237 Guest

    I like it the way it is hun. Keep up the good work.

  3. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    Thank you.
  4. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    The tide began to rise,
    Blue waters crashing on,
    the rocks, in my eyes,
    each sentient of my fawn,

    will you catch me if I jump,
    the rocks would be there,
    catching me with a thump,
    and the sirens would blare,

    but it would be too late,
    taken by the sea cover,
    a life lost, a life sedate,
    a life unable to recover.​
  5. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    There She dreamily floats,
    as a tear slides down her cheek,
    she is the one who is never weak,
    the one who never stops to gloat.

    yesterday she drew the pen,
    and she began to draw a line,
    spoken down through the vein,
    she talked without any ken,

    There she now eternally sleeps,
    Here i come with a blood red rose,
    she said no one would ever weep,
    but she told me "it's time to doze."

    Her life should've never closed,
    there in the shadows, there i hid,
    believed she wouldn't close the lid.
    and yet, she said she was enclosed

    until we met, her life went unopposed,
    unopposed she drew deep with the pen,
    she told me it was all because of men,
    she left some information undisclosed.

    and now, here she stays to sleep,
    there I am with my dreaming rose,
    and finally here i have come to weep,
    for the lid of the coffin, needs to close

    her father said "It should never have ended this way,"
    I spoke "i guess, i will save someones life another day."
    and here i am. And there she lays, dead, without her knife,
    but the marks remain, and she resides without her life.

    Too weak to speak out, too strong to see it,
    and yet I never believed she would do it,
    but she was spoken to be a dual minded jewel,
    and now whos to blame, the ignorant, kind, fool?​
  6. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    My life resides deep in my mind,
    when is it that you call the line?
    You said that your life was fine.

    Finding these deep residual woes,
    I have no fears, i killed all my foes.
    Mending these scars is all there is left,

    with a knife to leave a long cleft,
    and a slight of breath for the trigger,
    i no longer could put forth a hand to lend.

    why did i do it this way.. to mend?
    My friends, never said life was kind,
    but who am i, to say what is,
    if people can drive me to the cut?​
  7. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    I'm a blazing fire, warming the cold,
    I'm a time bomb, waiting to explode.
    I'm a folded sheet, waiting to unfold,
    you're my entire, forming my corrode,

    I'm a lit candle, guiding the stray,
    I'm the survivor, lead far astray,
    I'm the sinner, fearing gods allay,
    you're my wick, burning me away,

    Smoldering, nothing but oily smoke,
    a distinct mind, poised for the choke,
    Promises, now nothing but a big joke,
    you, succubus, nothing but provoke.​
  8. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    not anymore, in my head, a little bore
    and I wonder why all the people stare,
    once, I wished for someone to care..
    yet, I shall not lie to myself anymore..

    And among these pitiful rhymes,
    my words hide more than meets the eyes,
    deeply concealed are all of my lies,
    from my thoughts in past times.

    I shall meet god tomorrow,
    I felt fraudulent of all that i spoke,
    it was quite the clever joke,
    For neither shall feel sorrow.​
  9. Pacolaco

    Pacolaco Member

    I try to always be here, lighting your path,
    I struggle to understand my motivation,
    why I continue to live for my preservation
    it all comes back, your end, your aftermath,

    remember how much I sacrificed for you?
    how much of it was taken for granted,
    and those damn words you chanted,
    'liars go to hell', i'll see you born anew,

    it seems another part of me is dead
    and ripped away of everything,
    never there to help with something,
    screaming until my lungs've bled

    a small pinpoint of light taunts demonship,
    watching my every move, trying to protect,
    watching sins and misgivings begin to collect,
    he hopes to understand this gaunt relationship.

    don't be coy now, devil, demon, angel, sprite,
    telling me tales of forgone lore,
    you foolish deceiver, filthy whore,
    your words are spoken, and they are trite,

    Incubus, Don't be foolish now ,
    you know this relationship grew,
    on beliefs that everything is true,
    I speak, and all I say I avow,

    what if that light disappeared today,
    and were to never return, winked out,
    gone, cracked and broken, blinked out,
    would it add disarray, and mental decay?

    as the days and months drag by, hour by hour,
    what if it turns out to be a fatal attraction,
    thoughts devoured, it runs out of distractions,
    the light can't go on, it lacks sufficient power,
  10. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I like it :)
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