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It's time. Took alcohol to get me there, but I'm done. Oh well. Guess living just isn't for me. See you on the other side.

hah you're out of luck i'm just a very caring person. i'm sure your friends would be devastated if you left like this. i had a friend commit suicide 7 years ago. i still think of him every day. is there anyone you can call?


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i refuse to call parents. my best friend is here telling me not to. but at the same time her boyfriend wants to kill himself

just let me do it
Hello Their WU13, I hope you don't go through with it, but I hope you keep talking to us. Has something happened which has caused this feeling of distress? We can't stop you doing anything, if I knew you could I would sit by you and give you the best of support, reach out towards you even though you want to do this so bad. I wish I could just sit by you hold your hand and say you can do this, please please don't hurt yourself, please keep reaching out to us, take my hand, drop me a PM we can be friends, we can talk about what ever you want, please just reach out...:hug: Call a support helpline anyone I do not mind please do it call the ambulance...
listen to your best friend! it is possible to heal from these feelings. i've been there and now feel so much better. you just have to be alive to get well again. i hope you have reconsidered. when you are feeling a little stronger maybe you can reach out for some help in RL. you don't have to tell your parents. it's your life. i just want you to feel better.


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If your friend has her boyfriend wanting to do this too... Your putting her through a lot. She could lose a friend and a boyfriend. That would suck. Get to a hospital and after help your friend as i'm sure her life sucks right now.
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