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I know you're feeling sad and alone and sometimes we all feel no one gives a shit.
This maybe more to do with your depression.
Have you seen a doc, been given any treatment?
Hang in there and see what treatments there are, get the depression under control and then see how you feel. :hug:
can u let yr doc know that the meds have stopped working? and that you are feeling worse? how are things with yr therapist? can you open up to him/her?
i tried telling my doctor but i couldnt get myself to actually say the words. most of my last appointment with my therapist i just sat there. not saying much. i just hate actually talking about my problems. and while i trust her and all, i feel like she doesnt actually listen to me and hears what she wants to hear to sound smart and helpful.

i just am so scared to start over again with meds, cuz its frustrating and all the generic questions, and i get pissed off.

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you have to change something though right so you can get a different results maybe new therapist one that does listen to you. Meds may just need to be upped a bit not change but you have to advocate for YOU okay so you can get feeling better hugs


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I'm sorry that you are hurting so much right now and I just want to let you know that we all care about you here and if you would like to talk you can PM me. :hug:


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have you thought about writing down how you're feeling and giving the letter to the therapist..same with the doc...write your questions out and let him read them
just a thought
I hope you'll postpone your attempt and find some more help
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