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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Jason&the argonauts, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Jason&the argonauts

    Jason&the argonauts Well-Known Member

    I cant carry on living like this,my life is empty Ąnd pointless
  2. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    My life has been empty and pointless for 33 years. But I'm still here.

    Don't say you "can't" keep living like this. You absolutely can. I have. Does it suck? Hell yes it does. But you can do it.

    Sorry, don't mind me... I'm sure in another week or two, I'll be contemplating suicide again also. I'm just on a temporary upswing right now where I don't feel like killing myself just yet, so I'm trying to talk other people out of it. Not that anyone cares what I have to say. But just like everything else in my life, I'm trying... mostly in vain, but trying nonetheless.
  3. Jason&the argonauts

    Jason&the argonauts Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply,i cant go on living this endless painful life,i seę no reason tö live,i really want tö end this once Ąnd for all
  4. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    The point to life can't be seen, because you are looking for something that you have to learn how to do again.

    You see a point to death. You found a point in there; which means you are capable of finding a point to life as well. But it has to be learned and taught, and carefully nurtured; just like your idea about ending it all was, till it got to this post here today, where now you want to just finish it off right now.

    I'm not sure what you are looking for from life that you are not getting, but if you'd let this forum be something for you, for now... maybe not everything you want or expect; and maybe not a real life person who can physically touch you and hug you etc...

    But there are people here now worried about you, and I promise you, somewhere on this planet, we do exist and are real humans too.
  5. Jason&the argonauts

    Jason&the argonauts Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your message,how nice it would be tö hàve a hug before I depart this world,i cant cry anymore than I hàve,i cant find a reason tö go on,i hàve everything ready
  6. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Like Samara said, there are people who care about what happens to you. I know it's not the same as having someone in person, but it's something. Please let us try to help. I know you said you don't often let anyone in because it's hard for you to trust people. But you're at the point of seriously considering suicide, which means it's worth trying something new, a different approach. Please at least think about opening up, talking to someone. It might help.
  7. Jason&the argonauts

    Jason&the argonauts Well-Known Member

    I cant fight these voices in my head anymore,over the last few days I hàve been preparing myself for this,i hàve tried tö reason with myself but tö no avail,i àm but a mere blip in this world,knowing human behave by next weẹk I wilĺ hàve been forgotton about Ąnd life goes on,why put myself through more pain for nothing,i was born alone and I wilĺ die alone
  8. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    You CAN fight the voices. I know you can't make them go away, but you don't have to listen to or believe what they say. You don't have to go through everything alone. I know those of us on here can't be there physically, but talking to people online is a start, it's a way to ease the loneliness. But the only way anyone can be there for you is if you let them.
  9. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Recognizing the voices are wrong means you are almost there. Just don't listen to them. If a neighbor comes to my house and tells me things I don't want to hear, I just ignore them. They can go right on talking, but I don't do what they tell me. You can do the same thing.

    I know you have probably sought out help, but have you found the right help yet? Who are you currently seeing and what are they doing for you? I'm not asking about meds, because those are not cures in 'most' cases... What is the overall plan for wellness that you have been following?
  10. Jason&the argonauts

    Jason&the argonauts Well-Known Member

    I cant open up anymore,the voices are so loud giving me instructions on what tö do,i so need a hug Ąnd there is only me,how can I open up when I dont know where tö start,i just want peace Ąnd quiet Ąnd I cant get that while I àm breathing
  11. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    :hug: I know it's not the same, but it's the best I could do. I know the voices are loud, and they probably make it hard to focus, to concentrate on anything else. Is there anything that drowns them out, like music or TV?

    They're loud, but you don't have to listen to them or do what they say. You can fight through this. Maybe they don't want you to open up, but they can't stop you. You don't have to give in to them.
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