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Hi, has anyone gotten a tonsillectomy before? How was it? I'll probably have to get one soon and am extremely frightened.


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I was quite young - 11 years old - when I had mine out. It’s now many decades later, so I survived. :)

It’s apparently a straightforward procedure. They give you an anaesthetic to make you sleep. They do the procesure - it’s fairly quick - and you wake up with a sore throat that feels better and better over a few days. I stopped getting so many major sore throats and bugs once my tonsils were out. I still get the odd cold - that’s normal.

After the surgery, it’s nice to have lots of cool drinks, jelly, pudding/custard, warm soup, mashed potatoes, ice cream and popsicles.

I bet it goes well, but I sure understand that you are nervous. Let us know how it goes. *hug10
Sorry that you're going through this Cots.

Chinese herbal medicine can be used to treat tonsillitis and other conditions related to the tonsils. If your doctor says it would be ok to try this, you might want to check it out.

A problem is that many clinics are now shut down because of Covid. If you can't find a clinic that's open, you might be able to get a tele-medicine appointment for this.

You might also want to tell your doctor that you're scared of the proceedure. Maybe he or she can reassure you in some way.

I hope something can help.
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Hi @cots. I was 10 or so when I had my tonsils out. It was fairly straight forward. Just a sore throat afterwards. Medicine has come on a long way since then so it should be fine. Perhaps mention to your dr that you are nervous so they will be able to help you. Xx*hug


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Thank you all for the kind replies. It's very comforting to hear positive experiences from those who have done it. Almost every other story I read online about tonsillectomy is a horror story.


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Rant - I am having Tonsilitis again!!! 5th time this year!

The doctor said I can't get a tonsillectomy while down with Tonsilitis as it would cause further infection.


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