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    You was playin when you was sayin you was ready .... I'm knowing you ain't mean it when you told me you was tired of life and just wanted to leave it you were drinking so I ain't really pay it no attention took you back to your house and dropped you off i didn't knew that it was the last day i am going to see you on my way back home i received a call of your mother in tears crying over and over I was like shit What the fuck ? She told me to go at your house i didn't knew what happened at first then walking on the street with the mind flooded with question I started noticing cops, the first thing i saw was your mother in tears holdin your little sister... wondering what's under this sheet, my knees get weak police we're keeping me away from your bodies never woulda thought in years that you was suicidal you shoulda said that you was feelin' mad I coulda talked you outta that but never will I see you again nor will your kids nor will your family or your friends it's the end he had his reasons I shoulda believed him, My friend is gone and life goes on ... :sad:
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