too close to home

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    Holy crap!!!!! Yesterday there was a shooting and 2 people dead not even a block away from my house and i'm still scared shitless!!! I saw the police tape and cars still up as i drove home from work. This young guy robbed a spa and killed the man inside, then ran down the street to the liquor store and tried to rob it, but saw the cops and shot himself!! That's the worst part of it all, right next to my apartment!! In the liquor store i always go to!!!! :sad: I don't like this neighbourhood anymore I can't stop thinking about it...
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    It happens everywhere. Thing of it is, once it happens in your hood, it prob won't happen ever again. The police presents will be so high that no one will do anything like that again. Your safe where you are now. If you move, it might be a worse place with even higher crime. No one knows for sure.